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"Knowledge becomes Wisdom only after it has been put to practical use.”

To gain practical knowledge and have impeccable learning experience, Techniche, IIT Guwahati presents an opportunity for you to attend various workshops by a number of professionals, who are best at what they do, along with their top-notch technology.

NOTE : Please take care while selecting the WORKSHOPS as they are divided into Two Slots.
This means you can only select only one workshop per Slot, which means maximum two workshops per person. So please carefully select the workshop in the given slots.


SLOT 1 (30th August - 31th August)

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Doesn't it impress you when Netflix just knows exactly what you love? Ever played one song and got some 5 random song recommendations from Spotify? Learn about tomorrow’s technology today with our workshop on ML & AI.

Workshop Partner : Robotech Labs

Ethical Hacking

Do you think that your online accounts are safe ? How do you know if the transactions that you do are safe or not ? Enter into the world of Hacking as Ethical Hackers. Enter at your own risk. :-D

Workshop Partner : Robotech Labs

Automobile and IC Engine

Delve into the very heart of an automobile, the IC engine, and learn what it takes to build a perfect vehicle by combining it with various other pieces of the puzzle.

Workshop Partner : Robotech Labs

Game Development

Waiting for the next GTA? Why not make it yourself!

Workshop Partner :Wisdomware Technology

Stock Market

Games are won by players who focus on the playing field – not by those whose eyes are glued to the scoreboard.

Workshop Partner : Wisdomware Technology

Hexapod Robotics

A hexapod robot is a mechanical robot that walks on six legs. It imitates insect crawling motion and is the most famous one in the legged robots category.Due to its "legs".Learn to build your own hexapod.

Workshop Partner :Wingfotech Pvt. Ltd.s


Give your computer a human voice, with ChatBot.

Workshop Partner : Wingfotech Pvt. Ltd.

SLOT 2 (31th August - 1st Sept)

Bridge Design

Design, Fabricate and Test your own Bridge. Gain exposure to new technologies involved in Bridge Engineering and understand the concepts of different Bridges with case studies. Bridge the gap between industry requirements and what academia offers with our workshop.

Workshop Partner : Vaanahaa Education and Innovation Labs

Android App Development

Ever feel that there is just this one feature your smartphone lacks? With the skills you learn from the Android App Development workshop, you can build your very own app!

Workshop Partner : Robotech Labs

Internet of Things

Gain insight into a system of embedded networks which connects and shares data in everyday objects like cars,grids, watches and many more, and help this revolutionary technology change the way we live!

Workshop Partner : Wisdomware Technology

Sixth Sense Robotics

Give the robot an eye and teach the robot to see the world like the way we human beings do.

Workshop Partner : Edufabrica Technologies

Raspberry Pi

The Rasberry pi, a small versatile computer. Do we have to say anything else?

Workshop Partner : Wingfotech Pvt. Ltd.

Social Media Marketing and SEO

SEO attracts attention and Social Media keeps it there!

Workshop Partner : DiGi Infy

Humanoid Robotics

Very soon, humanoid robots (robots that look like humans) are going to be everywhere. They will greet you in hotels, wake you up from bed and play with your kids. Not knowing the basics about these robots in the future will be like not knowing your own body parts today.

Workshop Partner : Wingfotech Pvt. Ltd.