Got an idea that can create an impact? Join us at TechExpo 2020, where you can showcase your project and connect with innovators from across the world.


What is Tech Expo?

Since its commencement, TechExpo has been a crucial part of Techniche (the annual Techno-Management festival of IIT Guwahati). TechExpo's primary goal is to promote science innovations and create a community of young innovators that can bring about a radical change in the world. The exhibition not only teaches a scientific attitude and research-mindedness among the youngsters but also encourages them to work on the lines of development and building of our nation. We provide you with a platform to showcase your projects to corporate personalities, researchers, scientists, and Nobel laureates at IIT Guwahati.

Registrations Closed

Prizes and other Perks

  • Mentorship : Mentorships from professors and other experts in the field

  • Incubation : Incubation opportunities.
  • Webinars : Webinars on innovation and project startups by deemed speakers

  • Free access to online courses



  • The TechExpo junior category is targeted towards school students from across the nation. It is an opportunity for school going students to display their projects to the large multitude of people present at the event.

  • To be eligible for this category, participants must be under the age of 18 at the time of announcement.

  • Participants who turn 18 at the time of submission are eligible to compete.


  • The TechExpo senior category is a platform for inquisitive individuals with an unquenchable thirst for science, to get feedback on their research work/DIY projects from highly distinguished personas in the field of science.

  • To be eligible for this category, participants must be under the age of 30 at the time of announcement.

  • Participants who turn 30 at the time of submission are eligible to compete

Round 1

Online Registration and Idea Submission- Closed.

Round 2

TechExpo 2020 is here with its final showcase. The final round will be conducted entirely ONLINE. Due to Covid19, there are sudden changes in the final round, but TechExpo always focuses on Imagine Innovate Inspire and helps our TechExpo Innovators. The structure of the final round is as follows:

  • Qualify: The teams shortlisted from Round 1 will only be eligible for the next round.

  • Submit Project: The team is required to submit a final abstract of their project along with a mandatory video submission. The video should be of less than 3 min displaying the working of the project with a basic explanation of the project; These will be displayed online for exhibition for students and professors at the techniche website.

  • Learn with us: Participate in our webinars and AMA sessions with our innovation experts and become a part of Techexpo Innovators Club.

  • Panel Discussion: The teams are required to showcase their projects to the deemed panel of judges online. Each team will be given a minimum time of 20 min to explain and discuss their project, interact with the panel and also get to acquire mentorships, certificates and access to online courses. The details of the panel will be given later.

  • Touch Down: The final result of Round 2 will be declared by 27th September 2020.


21st July: Last date of abstract submission for Round 1

5th September:Submit Final Project

12th September:Learn with us Session 1

13th September:Learn with us Session 2

16th September:Ice breaking session

19-20 September: Panel Discussion

27th September:Touch Down


TechExpo is a really great exhibition for young innovators working on future technology. The coordinators are supportive. Moreover, it's a great opportunity to pitch our ideas to students, teachers, and judges from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Team Tickcount

It is a high momentum competition, a well-organized event by the Techniche team. I feel so fortunate to have had this opportunity to compete among talented people from different fields; from biosciences to manufacturing, the range of fields that were explored during the event was amazing.


It was a really intuitive experience. Professors and visitors were eager to know about our projects, and their many queries made us realize some important aspects that we could work on in the future. Judges were patient and humble, they were from different fields and were ever ready to help us brainstorm and improvise on many different dimensions of our project.

T Ravi Kiran (Team Kala Atal)

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