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Welcome to Smartknower, your smart choice for a successful future. We are an Industry pioneer in industry specializations trending across both technical and non-technical domains. Our goal is to see students and professionals train and develop their skills as per the modern demand on heavy technical acumen in the domain of preference and vocation.

We aim to propel students towards their dreams with provision of meticulous training and appropriate learning experience to enable them to have the best of both worlds. Our program is created with the intent on instilling young students with the requisite know-how to establish themselves within the industry as a productive and proactive part of the workspace. Students learn by training and gaining knowledge on the particular subject before putting their knowledge, creativity and skills to the test with appropriate projects testing the mettle to scale the industry’s broad expectations.

We upskill our students by offering them bespoke internship training programs in niche domains pertaining to various technical and non-technical concepts. Our internships range from domains like Machine Learning, AI, Data Science and Cyber Security to Digital Marketing and IoT. In order to create multi-talented individuals to make them skilled entrepreneurs or employees, we also introduced a first-of-its-kind “combo course” structure which combines various courses within a single module to bring you an all-round exposure to the various facets and sub-facets covered within our courses to the specifics of it.

We always employ a ground-up approach and start right from the beginning with industry-quality mentors assisting and tutoring the students to tingle their creative and technical senses. Our mentors are current professionals who have been part of eminent companies such as Microsoft and Autodesk.

We are delighted to partner up as the “Official Internship Partner” with Techniche hosted by your prestigious institution and will aim to work towards offering a wonderful learning experience through top-class learning facilities and unbridled support whenever you require it in your quest to become the face of the cyber-age.

To know more about us, you can visit us anytime at our website Smartknower or also check out our social media platforms to stay in touch with developments to your learning experience and curve.

So what are you waiting for? Start today and start now with Smartknower and stay ahead of the curve. With Smartknower, make your smart choice for a successful future.