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Caution! This is not for the light-hearted. With events ranging from Aircraft Designing to adrenaline-filled Robo-wars and races, robotics competitions needs you to have your technical skills at the very best to compete against the very best.

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It is a national level robotics championship which derives its inspiration from the thrill to conquer the vertical limit through robots.

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Robotron is the national robotics competition for students from 6th to 12th. Compete among the best and rise above the rest.

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Can you build a bot to rule them all? Techniche presents to you Robocalypse! The Ultimate battle. As the name suggests it abides by the basic law of nature that is “Survival of the fittest”. Will your bot be able to take them all down?

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Nitro Rally

For all those who believe in setting the place on fire, here’s a live experience of a racing tournament. Build your own remote controlled IC engine car and come on board.

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And more to come..