Nexus is an annual, multi-dimensional conference for undergraduates who incline towards management, entrepreneurship and industry. Nexus aims to inspire and empower the student community by bridging the gap between them and the industry. Our unique combination of events is spearheaded by entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, tech gurus, consultants and psychological analysts.


“All great things have small beginnings”

Nexus aims to provide holistic insight into the corporate world through a full-fledged conference. This year too Nexus follows its trend to scale up. This year, we present to you the PRE-EVENT. We believe “it's not a good deal if you don't need it.” With the PRE-EVENT we ask for an opportunity to allow us to convince you that Nexus is indeed the deal you need.

Ideate. Iterate. Innovate.

Nexus brings to you a 10-day long hackathon probing your creativity. Gear up your tools and stack up a team, as you compete to make the most efficient app, 'without coding'. Here you would learn about the fast-growing domain of No-code platforms. This is an opportunity to make people realize that not being able to code is not the end of the world. Hop on to this marathon to spectacle everyone with your creativity. And don't worry if you don't know what No-code platforms are, because there will be introductory and mentoring sessions as well.



To be released soon...


Here is the timeline of the pre-event

Speaker 1
Speaker 2
Hackathon Starts
Submission 1
Submission 2
Hackathon ends


If this question still bothers you, let us answer: What would you get out of the pre-event?

  • Profusion of experiences shared by speakers.

  • A chance to build on and perfect your soft skills.

  • An overview of a blooming new-dimension of the No-code movement.

  • A way to gain confidence to structure and present your ideas effectively.

  • An app of your own, along with prizes and goodies.

Since the pre-event is just the teaser of the main event, the main event will have a plethora of skills to offer. The decision is yours!


Does the pre- event excite you? This is just a small glimpse of the main event. If this excites you, stand by as we bring more events and competitions in Nexus, Techniche; in the first week of September.

Last Year Panelists

Mr Mayur Datar, Chief Data Scientist, Flipkart

Mr Saurabh Tiwari, CTO, Policy Bazaar

Mr Jared Lander, Chief Data Scientist, Lander Analytics

Ms Swati Khandelwal, (Moderator for panel)
The Executive Editor of Zee Business

For the Panel we also had

Mr. Gururaj Deshpande, COO, EdgeVerve(Infosys)

Mr Alexander Rinku, HR Director, Oracle

Mr Prabha Murugaiah- Founder, CEO, TechFetch

Webinar Speakers

Mr Nishant Gupta, MD, Boston Consulting Group

Mr TV Narendran, Global CEO and MD, TATA Steel

SoftSkill Lecture on Attention Management

Ms Maura Thomas, Tedx Speaker, Author and Trainer

Boardroom Brew

Mr Samar Singla, CEO and Founder, Jugnoo

Previous Editions

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