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"I like the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas more than the actual one."
— David LaChapelle

Techolympics ​ presents to you ,​ Megapixel​ , a photography based competition. A Competition that helps inspire and prepare photographers to come and let their pictures define the creativity in them.

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Rules and Guidelines
  1. This competition has individual participation.

  2. Images submitted must be original work of the photographer.

  3. Photographs will be accepted only through the link provided.

  4. Only Global editing is allowed (for example, brightness, contrast, temperature, etc.)

  1. Participants are supposed to send the raw as well as the final edited version of their pictures to us prior to techniche.

  2. The judges will declare the result during techniche and also distribute the respective prizes.

  3. The judge's decision regarding this matter is final and binding.

Prizes worth Rs. 10,000 .

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