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To those of you who think this is just a marathon, you are wrong. It is more than just a marathon. After 9 years, it has become an integral part of Techniche so much so that it has become the face of Techniche.

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To change the lives of people. We believe that Knowledge is power. We dream of a Digital India where everyone has access to this tool of empowerment.


The Guwahati Half Marathon has become an integral part of Techniche family.


We all run together to change the perception of lives among people, we run in support of Digital India – a means to empower and a tool that bridges the distance between hope and opportunity.


Sprit Run

Being the MOST FUN event on the calendar of Guwahati, this is a six km race specifically designed for its citizens. The crowd this event sees is rich with enthusiasm, very noisy, vibrant and extremely alive! NO AGE RESTRICTIONS what so ever! Bring anyone you want to!

Glory Run

The 21 km race, or rather, the only 21 km race in the entire North East India. In 2014 all the participants of the 21K run received certificates of participation from the Assam Athletic Association.

General Championship

This is an event exclusive for schools and colleges, where they battle it out for that one trophy of the General Championship. Participants shall run ONLY in the Spirit Run (6km general run)