One Dream, One Cause,
One Path, One Run


Guwahati Half Marathon, a household name in Guwahati and all of Assam, is back with its next edition. After being halted for two years due to the pandemic, GHM'22 is set to make all of Guwahati run, this time for a new cause!


It is our vision to protect children from the various turmoils, they have to undergo and spread love and kindness to the masses, turning to youth support as the means. Run For Child Protection is an initiative to prevent violence and abuse faced by the children of Assam, urging people to run with us to support the Youth of Assam, fighting against this very abuse and violence. Stand up with us with #Youth4Suraksha.


It's been over ten years since the first Guwahati Half Marathon, which has become synonymous with an annual tradition, changing society. Spreading awareness about often overlooked causes around us is what GHM strives to do.


Join us on 24th April 2022, as we all run together to protect children all over the country.

We will run to support the Youth.
We will run for each and every child.
We will Run For Child Protection.


Glory Run 21 km

This is a 21 kilometre half marathon, the first of its kind in North-East India and the flagship event of the day. The race is open to everyone above the age of 14.

Spirit Run 6 km

This is a 6 km run specifically designed for the citizens of Guwahati. The run is open to participants of all ages.

GHM is not just a marathon- it's an initiative, a wave, a voice all set to ring through all of Guwahati and Assam on the 24th of this month. Ten years since its inception, GHM has become an integral part of Techniche-IIT Guwahati, being the regional face of the fest.