To those of you who think this is just a marathon, you are wrong. It is more than just a marathon. Its been 10 years and GHM has become an integral part of Techniche, so much so that it has become the face of Techniche.


To change the lives of people. Clean Water is a necessity of life and with a water crisis looming over India, it’s high time that all of us take up this cause. We dream of an India where everyone has access to clean drinking water.


The Guwahati Half Marathon has become an integral part of Techniche family. It is a tradition which has been changing this society bit by bit. Spreading love in this world is what this tradition aims to be.


On 25th August 2019, We all run together to change the quality of lives of people all over the country, we run in support of Clean Water – a basic human need, something that is in grave danger.