Are you bored with all the technical stuff? The Call of Duty tournament is here! So get yourself ready to land on the battleground and show off your gaming skills to have some fun & win exciting prizes!

Registration Closed

  • This competition has team participation.

  • Each team has a leader who registers the team and the team size is minimum 4 and maximum 6 (including the leader).

  • All members of the team must be registered on the techniche website and have a unique T-id.

  • Decision taken by the CoreTeam will be final and binding and won't be changed or reverted under any circumstances

  • CoreTeam has right to ban/kick any player without prior notice

  • Use of Tank is not allowed. Any player found using Tank will be disqualified from the Tournament and may result in a ban.

  • All others classes are allowed

  • Playing via Emulators/Controllers is not allowed

  • COD Mobile in-game name will be accepted and not the UID. In case you have submitted your UID, please get it changed via Support.

  • Results are typically generated within 24 hours of the tournament

  • Players are required to take screenshots of their match results and video recording in case they find someone cheating/teaming in the match and they could submit it to the Moderators on Discord or on Support.

  • Teaming/Hacking is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban.

  • This tournament will be in Best of 1 Match format

  • Kills will be counted in this Tournament according to the following points table:

Prize Money ₹5000