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Escalade is one of a kind national level robotics event organized by Robotics module of Techniche which is an inspiration from the thrill to conquer the vertical limit but by robots in arenas designed to test the bot in specified tasks which mainly focus on the ability to climb. Escalade has successfully completed seven editions with flying colors, which in itself is a testimony to its huge success on a national scale. The event in itself has stood up for a cause to promote the analytical mind required for robotics among individuals. Participants from all over the country compete to win the ultimate title and exciting prizes worth Rs. 80,000/- and much more*.

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Two levels


It is the first level of the competition, where participants in teams of maximum four all over India compete in 12 pre-defined centers to qualify for Mains. The prelims stage is scheduled on 5th July 2020. Top 5 teams from each city are selected for second level that is Escalade mains.


It is the second and final level of the competition held at IIT Guwahati during Techniche 2020. For the teams qualified for mains here is the Escalade Mains problem statement and SketchUp. If you missed a chance to participate in the prelims, register now for Guwahati prelims to be held at IIT Guwahati during Techniche. See you at the battle for prizes worth INR 80,000.

Steps to Register

  1. All the members of the team are required to register on Techniche by furnishing proper details where each member will get a unique Techniche ID.

  2. Next, fill the Registration Form of the Escalade where you will submit all details related to the Escalade. (Kindly fill in the name of the leader of the team only)

  3. Visit the 'Add Member' page and enter the unique Techniche ID of your colleagues you want to add in your team. (Make sure your colleague is registered on Techniche and have unique a Techniche ID).

  4. An invitation link will be sent to your colleague's email ID .Kindly ask him/her to accept your invitation. Colleague will become confirmed member of your team after accepting the invitation.