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“Make it work, make it right, make it fast.” – Kent Beck

The online coding competition of techniche is back this year for the college- going coders and hackers! This event tests your competitive coding skills against a plethora of skilled hackers. Submit your best solution to the problems within a specified time limit. May the odds be in your favor.

It is a competitive programming event that requires the participants to code questions of increasing difficulty. The solution should be optimal and understandable at the same time.

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Rules and Guidelines

  1. This competition has individual participation.

  2. Permissible languages to send solutions in are C, C++, Python, and Java.

  3. Each problem has a specified input and output format. You need to adhere to this format; otherwise, we won't accept the submission.

  4. This competition will take place on Codechef.

  5. Any participant found to be indulging in any form of malpractice will be disqualified immediately.

Problem Statement

Problem Statement will be provided at the time of event.


Win prizes worth ₹ 50,000.

Assured coupons worth ₹ 200.

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