Welcome to the Campus Ambassador Programme for Techniche, IIT Guwahati! This programme provides an exciting opportunity for students who are passionate about technology and want to showcase their leadership and communication skills. As a Campus Ambassador (CA), you will be the face of our tech fest in your college and help spread the word about the various events and activities that will take place. You will also have the chance to network with like-minded individuals, gain valuable experience in event management, and receive perks such as exclusive access to workshops and events. Join us in making this year's tech fest a huge success!

WHY Campus Ambassador ?

Improve Your Soft Skills

Enhance your communication & Management skills.

Be the Leader

Be the face of Techniche. Feel the pride and honour of being the leader of your college.

Get Recognised

Talk to higher authorities during planning of presentations and spreading awareness in your campus.
Mentorship & Internship
Team Techniche at IIT Guwahati will directly be working with you, giving you an excellent opportunity to learn different skills like Business Development, Leadership, Marketing, Branding, creating contacts with many industrial leaders and Sales.

Mentorship includes sessions to get equipped with sought after technical skills and necessary corporate skills i.e. management, communication and marketing.

Represent Techniche

You are the face of IIT Guwahati in your institute. Thereby, Promoting and Representing Techiche in your college & city.

Organize Events

Responsibility of overall organization and conduction of workshops and presentations in your college or city under the guidance of Techniche.


Publicising the events of Techniche on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin.


Bringing in registrations for various competitions taking place in this year's Techniche.


A certificate of appreciation from Techniche, IIT Guwahati.


Performance-based monetary incentives and goodies for the Top 20 Ambassadors.

Goodies and Merchandise

Assured goodies and techniche merchandise for the top ambassadors of the month.


Priority, discounted access to Paid Techniche Events and Free Coupons.


Top performing campus ambassadors get an LOR from Techniche.

The experience was really good. It had different activities & the experiences taught me to manage time and helped me build a strong network.

G. Saravana Kumar (PR Intern of the year 2021)
Velammal College of Engineering and Technology

The Techniche PR Intern Program helped me become a part of the worldwide student community and interact with several people. I enjoyed & learned a lot in this internship and improved my leadership skills nd communication skills. I talked to many strangers in this internship and became more confident.

Aman Ruhela (Top 3 PR Interns of the year 2021)
Moradabad Institute of Technology

Managing a ton of folks while executing an international-level event is definitely not a piece of cake. But still, the experience as a PR Intern was mind-blowing, one gets to learn a lot of things from the team.

Namanbir Singh (Top 3 PR Interns of the year 2021)
Tender Heart High School