About Us

Started nineteen years ago in 1999, Techniche was conceptualized with an aim to motivate the youth of our nation to think out of the box, expand their horizons and reach the zenith of success in all techno-management spheres. It has stayed true to its vision since; and from its humble beginnings, Techniche now revels in being one of the premier techno-management festivals in the nation. With a reach of thousands of colleges and school students from across the country, Techniche plays a phenomenal role in the bringing out the true potential of the nation's best and promoting technological and social betterment.

In the past, Techniche has brought great and accomplished personalities from all over the world, all branches of study and all walks of life under the same roof to provide an unparalleled learning experience to all its participants and attendees. Techniche has been an extraordinary platform to showcase the latest inventions, exhibitions and technological advances from all over the globe and organizes a plethora of events and competitions all designed to make the participants step outside their comfort zones and challenge the institution of conventional thinking. Techniche organizes events not just as a part of a technical festival, but as an initiative to involve people from diverse sectors to spread radiance, cognizance. A marathon isn’t just a marathon, its a feeling of energy for the people to stand out of their daily businesses for realizing the spirit isn’t dead in them. The success of our years of hard work in organizing such events was finally proved to be fruitful When a reputed officer of RPF Guwahati very enthusiastically came to receive his certificate and said, “I’m a fifty-six-year-old man and I’ve been taking part in Guwahati-half-marathon from last three years. Nothing makes me more elated than, completing a twenty-one-kilometer marathon at this age. I feel very proud when I get this certificate of completion, it lifts the spirits in me.”

All its organizers, participants, and contributors came together during Techniche 2017 to celebrate the essence of perfection and pulled off an amazing feat which was applauded by attendees and critics alike. Staying true to the promise it signed off with last year, the twentieth edition of Techniche is all set to be bigger and better than all its predecessors and counterparts.

Get ready to witness the brand new edition of the prodigious spectacle that is Techniche only at IIT Guwahati from 3oth August to 2nd September 2018.