With the best technical experts and interaction among students sharing common interest, the workshops help delve deeper into the subject. A great opportunity for enthusiasts to learn and explore, workshops provide a head-start to the participants in their area of interest by providing hands on experience in the subject.

Sixth Sense robotics

Sixth-sense robotics, a revolutionary way to embark your journey in the world of automation and robotics. Learn this profound technique and become the master of the aggrandized physical place full of heart-whelming technologies. This workshop let's the user to use natural hand gestures to interact with digital information. It is a great platform for students to gear up and become the integrated part of robotics. A great application of image processing and various other technical tools, this workshop is remarkable in itself.

Ethical Hacking

"Ethical Hacking is the act of trying to break into Security systems on behalf of it's owner, and it's one of the best ways to discover flaws in the system. So, gear up and get ready to know how they can be fixed to prevent people from getting past the security system and misusing the contents that are being protected. This workshop aims to give technocrats a basic knowledge of hacking and how to protect your system against hazardous effects. "

Android beginners

"Navigate a world powered by Andriod Apps.Step into mobile development with our workshop.During our Android-focused introductory workshop, take a closer look at the world’s most popular mobile operating system and learn about the processes and tools that bring successful apps to life. Whether you have an idea for an app or are simply curious about opportunities in the field, you’ll: Learn to identify the basic Views, or user interface components, of an Android App. Find out about the skills Android developers leverage to succeed in their careers. Apply what you’ve learned to create amazing apps."

Automobile and IC engine

" Eager to learn Automobile and IC Engine Mechanics!!! We have come with the workshop aimed at providing an insight to the basics of vehicle dynamics, suspension geometry, Braking unit, Steering Mechanism, Transmission, IC Engine Working and various other automobile engineering aspects and top it off by learning about the most important part: the IC engine, by literally disassembling and assembling one!"

Cloud Computing

"Cloud computing has recently emerged as one of the buzzwords in the IT industry. Cloud computing is using a network of servers on the internet to store and process data in order to access it anywhere.The Cloud Computing Workshop will make participants adept at various cloud computing architectures. Live projects will help participants keep up with all technologies, tools and methodologies required to understand and work on cloud computing principles used in the IT industry.. Learn how cloud computing works, about clouds, who provides these clouds and much more with us!"

Social Media Marketing

"Ever wondered, how to expand your presence across Social Media platforms? How to get your messages through effectively to your followers? Learn about trends in Social media and the best practices to promote yourself and products be it a youtube channel ,a blog or a facebook page.. Discover all of the most important aspects of Social Media Marketing in a hands-on, amazing marketing workshop. This workshop shows you everything you need to stay on the leading edge of social media marketing and use innovative tools to get real business results in the future. "

Mobile robotics

"Imagine a robot chum picking up your call and doing what you want!! MIND BOGGLING !! Does the above scenario sound like an idea taken from a sci-fiction? Well stop dreaming buddies since the probability for it to occur is ONE !!!! Mobile Robotics Workshop mainly focuses on the student eager to learn about Robotics using Cellular communication. They will get a chance to expand their knowledge in the field of designing, construction, operation, and wireless application of Robot using Mobile-Phone's generated DTMF (Dual Tune Multiple Frequency) tone."

Bluetooth Robotics

" Bluetooth Robotics Workshop mainly focuses on the students eager to learn Robotics from Basic. Bluetooth Controlled Robotics involves the operation of Robots in accordance with the signals sent from a smart phone using an Android Application and Bluetooth Communication. This workshop helps participants to understand the designing concepts and use of microcontrollers, serial communication and microcontroller programming in Embedded 'C' language."

Andro engine

One of the embryonic innovations in Automobile with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Forward in the way to Mobile Controlled Vehicle, a fully developed version Andro- Engine. For all the ghizmo lovers, Andro- Engine Workshop awaits for you, a combination of android and engine with interface of a electronics device Arduino . Learn about a project based workshop/training where you are going to learn how to control the IC Engine with help of an Android App

Internet of things

IOT is networking of physical devices,vechicles and others items embedded with electronics,software,sensors,actuators that enable them to collect and exchange data. It allows us to acesss remotely.From the system chip、IOT module、network device、application software、 enterprise cloud service to the APP terminal application of all independent technology platform, I.O.T workshop is the most cost-effective provider of one stop total solution. I.O.T workshop determined to become “dream factory” to help enterprises and IOT products transform. We think 21st century technological revolution belongs to the Internet of things, It brings business opportunities far more than any previous technological revolution, It will change the way of people explore、interact、 and experience the physical world, And will create trillions of value to enterprises and consumers ! I.O.T workshop technical experts team is always ready to serve you

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence

The Machine Learning Workshop aims to provide a forum to bring world-class scholars to present recent advances and to brainstorm future directions of machine learning. Learn about this exciting workshop, and explore the world of Artificial Intelligence. Along the way, we also hope to excite you about the numerous applications and huge possibilities in the field of AI, which continues to expand human capability beyond our imagination.

Raspberry PI

This raspberry pi workshop will introduce you to the unexplored potential of the Raspberry Pi-the hardware, software and its applications. The Workshop is designed to cater to all kinds – be it a novice or a tech savvy hobbyist or an expert developer extraordinaire.